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    Suzhou Industrial Park YingYan Electric Appliances Co. LTD. is located inSuZhouCityIndustrial Parkby JinJi lake.(NO.1 Ping Sheng Road).

    It is specialized in manufacturing vacuum cleaner, with mort different size and styles.  and is one of factories for exporting approved by National Leave and Entry Quarantine Bureau. The company covers 20 thousand square meters, standard factory house of 10 thousand square meters. Our company has completely quality auditing tools.  we produce products winning high reputation around the world.

    The principles of our factory are that high quality as our goal, provision of cheap products for marking and fame acquirement around the world.

    Add:NO.1 PingSheng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park  Tel:0086-512-62653171  Fax:0086-512-62653117  Web:www.n-shift.com
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